Honoring Cultures: Culturally Responsive Care

Children develop a sense of who they are and what is important through life through cultural experiences. Traditionally, values, ways of doing things, and expectations, have been passed down by the child’s family and cultural community. As more children enter child care during their early years, their cultural identity and sense of belonging in their own families are influenced by their experience in care. Care that connects with infants’ and toddlers’ home/family experiences helps them develop a sense of who they are and value their home cultures.

Caregivers take an important step toward practicing culturally responsive care when they partner with families to learn about the care practices and rituals of children’s home cultures and then use this information to inform interactions and care routines.

Use this resource to understand the importance of and get started with providing culturally responsive care.

Culturally Responsive Care

Cuidado culturalmente apropiado