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Email Security Warning!

When sending an email to the Office of Child Care, DO NOT include information such as your full social security number (use only the last 4 digits), bank account numbers, routing numbers, or any other sensitive information.

If you wish to send sensitive information, email a description of the issue (without the sensitive data), and let us know you have confidential information to send.

If you have questions about a Child Care Scholarship Application there is a FASTER way to get a response! Completing the Parent or Provider Inquiry Form is the fastest way to get a response to your Scholarship question.

Parents  –  Child Care Scholarship Customer Inquiry Form

Child Care Scholarship Providers –  Child Care Scholarship Provider Inquiry Form

You can also contact CCS Central 2 at 1-877-227-0125.

File a Complaint

To file a complaint against a program that you believe is violating a child care licensing law or regulation email or contact a Regional Licensing Office.

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