Child Development

Why does my child cry? Monique Soileau-Burke, M.D

Why does my child cry?

Newborns cry for a lot of different reasons, but mostly they cry to get their needs met. Sometimes they are hungry, sometimes they need a diaper change, and sometimes they just need to be held.

Trusted voices: Is separation anxiety normal?

Is separation anxiety normal?

Trusted voices: When should I potty train my child?

When is my child ready to be potty trained?

What I would say is a child is ready for potty training. When they have had a dry diaper in the morning when they are not wet in the morning, that is a good time to know that your child will be having a little bit more success at potty training.

How much should my toddler eat?

Trusted voices: when will my child begin talking?

Trusted Voices: When will my child begin talking?