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To become a child care provider you first need to decide if you want to open a business in your home or if you want to create a center-based business.  Below is a definition of each type of business:

  • Family Child Care – You may provide care for up to 8 children in your home
  • Large Family Child Care – You may care for up to 12 children in your home
  • Child Care Center – You may provide care in a facility outside of your home that is zoned to be used as a child care center.  The number of children you serve is dependent upon the square footage of the building.

Anyone who is interested in starting a child care business in a home or center is required to take the face-to-face orientation training. Please contact the Office of Child Care Regional Licensing Office to schedule the Orientation Training.

To prepare for your orientation session, you may wish to view the online orientation preview. This does not replace the face-to-face orientation session you are required to attend at your Regional Office of Child Care.

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