Is it open?

Holiday, severe weather, and emergency closing policies vary from one child care program to the next. Quality child care programs have written policies and procedures that explain how the program handles different types of closings.

Be sure you are able to see which days the program plans to be closed. You’ll want to know if the program closes for holidays that you have to work or for bad weather. It’s also important to know how you’ll be notified of unplanned closures.

Emergencies such as natural disasters may cause child care programs to close down temporarily. An emergency closure can take place while your child is in care. How will you be notified of closures and the plan to reopen? Is the provider able to adequately care for your child if you are unable to reach him or her for several hours or even days? If the facility must be evacuated because of an emergency, do you know where to pick up your child? All these questions should be addressed in a written emergency plan. This plan may be a part of the policies and procedures, or it may be a separate document.

TIP: Days the program may be closed, and whether payment is required for those days should be in your child care contract.